Senior Forum

SuperCamp's Senior Forum is for high school students aged 14-18. Our graduates learn strategies to build study skills, ease school stress, embrace leadership and increase test scores.


Senior Forum prepares your high school student for success by teaching students how to apply critical thinking to everything they do. Teens learn what is important to them, why they learn the way they do, and how to apply a variety of strategies. Like all SuperCamp programs, Senior Forum focuses on academic, life and career skills. With high school students we dive deeper into three key areas that are essential for high school and college-prep success:

  1. Learning Techniques: At SuperCamp your child will learn a wide range of specialized strategies applicable in any learning situation. Knowing how to apply each one in the appropriate setting is just as important as learning the strategies themselves. Our goal is to give students the ability to discern what will work best in each situation, and empower them to make a web of connections among the strategies in the Quantum Learning system.
  2. Emotional and Relational Strategies: Senior Forum is a major pattern interrupt for teens. Everything in their life shifts for 8 days. They’re living in a college dorm room, eating in a campus cafeteria, and are surrounded by a brand new group of friends from around the world. Separated from technology, students learn how to communicate without a cell phone, iPad, or other electronic device in their hands. We teach them communication strategies that build relationships, including our OTFD process to resolve conflict and our four-part apology to take ownership of their actions. These create positive patterns to apply in their lives when they return home.
  3. Reputation Management: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social networks are integrated into every aspect of a 21st century teen’s life. This generation of “digital natives” is all about sharing everything they do from eating to major events in their lives. At SuperCamp we understand the importance of representing yourself in a positive light online. College recruiters and employers all look at online activity to determine a student’s character. Teens learn about FIMAGE (fear of image) and are given the support to effectively manage their online reputation.

Senior Forum integrates the 8 Keys of Excellence principles to live by into all aspects of our program. Students gain valuable leadership experience as they explore ways they can take Ownership of their actions, motivate others when they Speak with Good Purpose, and see a project to completion with Commitment. They learn the importance of Integrity in a leader and understand that Failure Leads to Success.

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